2011 HSBC 10K Corporate Challenge

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PositionRace No.First NameSurnameCumulative TimeTeam Name
18515ScottCraig03:01:37Rowantree Randoms
18534MichaelTuckwell03:01:37Rowantree Randoms
18537GillianKerr03:01:37Rowantree Randoms
18541DouglasHay03:01:37Rowantree Randoms
28514NeilCameron03:07:40CKD Galbraith
28504StevenLiddle03:07:40CKD Galbraith
28575PhilippaTolhurst03:07:40CKD Galbraith
28556DougalLindsay03:07:40CKD Galbraith
38503RichardKennedy03:09:13Wood Group 3
38633JimEwen03:09:13Wood Group 3
38632CarlChatfield03:09:13Wood Group 3
38540AliKennedy03:09:13Wood Group 3
48502ClydeMarwick03:10:43Baxters Team A
48535RuthPirie03:10:43Baxters Team A
48533PeterMcluckie03:10:43Baxters Team A
48562HowardHawksley03:10:43Baxters Team A
58516StewartDonald03:14:19Crown Vets
58542SuzannePurdie03:14:19Crown Vets
58543SamanthaEdwards03:14:19Crown Vets
58569LucyScaife03:14:19Crown Vets
68614BruceTurner03:24:01CMS World Select - Team 2
68529JohnGeddes03:24:01CMS World Select - Team 2
68616GraemeMiller03:24:01CMS World Select - Team 2
68646AbbieMccreath03:24:01CMS World Select - Team 2
78550DominicTreseder03:28:06add Energy A
78551HaraldJustnes03:28:06add Energy A
78587HosseinGhavimi03:28:06add Energy A
78621OddnyNasheim03:28:06add Energy A
88528NigelMackenzie03:33:11Registers of Scotland Team 1
88544MorganLowe03:33:11Registers of Scotland Team 1
88545CatrionaMillar03:33:11Registers of Scotland Team 1
88546GraemeLaurie03:33:11Registers of Scotland Team 1
98517ArnarArnason03:36:45The International Squad
98565MarlisBarraclough03:36:45The International Squad
98564HuldaSveinsdottir03:36:45The International Squad
98650AndreaOelsner03:36:45The International Squad
108557TomDeverell03:44:09HighNet Hopefuls
108558AndyMartin03:44:09HighNet Hopefuls
108560CalumBarnett03:44:09HighNet Hopefuls
108578KeithMasson03:44:09HighNet Hopefuls
118507MichaelDevlin03:46:22Mikes Bikes Aviemore
118563MhairiDevlin03:46:22Mikes Bikes Aviemore
118592SamanthaSmith03:46:22Mikes Bikes Aviemore
118591JenniferDevlin03:46:22Mikes Bikes Aviemore
128538JamieWaugh03:46:57Johnston Carmichael
128619BrianMain03:46:57Johnston Carmichael
128586KirstyHinds03:46:57Johnston Carmichael
128667Jo-AnnaDempster03:46:57Johnston Carmichael

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Get Your Friends & Family to Follow Your Marathon Progress

How do you like the idea of friends and family being able to follow your progress during the 26.2 miles of the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon 2014? Well now you can – share this link to the Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running Flashupdates page and ask them to enter your surname or race number to receive Facebook and/or Twitter notifications on Sunday. Then you can have supporters cheering you on from wherever they are in the world! Please note this is only available for marathon runners.  

Entry for all races in the 2014 Baxters Festival of Running is now CLOSED.

There will be limited 5K and Wee Nessie entries available during pre-race registration over the race weekend.